Laser cutting, CNC milling services, routing and engraving in Kyiv

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Curvilinear and volumetric milling (3D), engraving, high precision and milling performance

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Technical specifications of the CNC router:
  • Working field 1250*2500 мm
  • Cutting depth up to 90 mm.
  • Portal height up to 150 mm.

The minimum order is from 800 UAH. (the amount does not include the cost of the material)

CNC milling and engraving

Router cutting on a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) - mechanical cutting and processing of sheet materials according to the model embedded in the control program. Milling is used for curvilinear cutting (“shaped cutting”), creating carved and embossed forms, engraving surfaces, grooves of various profiles, sampling, drilling, etc. Milling is performed with high accuracy, up to 0.01 mm, with the most complex shapes and configurations on different types of materials.

The milling machine cuts both wood, solid wood and wood-based panels: mdf, chipboard, plywood, HDF,  HPL laminated panels, as well as various plastics (polycarbonates, polystyrene, PVC, PET), plexiglass (acrylic), composites, acrylic stone, soft metals, etc.

Advantages of CNC milling:

  • high cutting speed with high cut quality
  • the possibility of precise volumetric milling, creating grooves of a given depth, etc.
  • the possibility of 3d milling and cutting of heterogeneous materials
  • the edge does not change its color when cutting (contrary to melted edges during laser cutting)
  • wide range of processed materials
  • relatively low cost of cutting and milling

Router cutting is used in many areas, it is indispensable in  manufacturing outdoor advertising, furniture facades and three-dimensional decorative elements in furniture production and implementation of interior solutions. Milling is used for the manufacturing prefabricated structures and functional parts, complex components and in many other cases where high precision is required.

Router cutting of plywood, figured cutting

Curvilinear router cutting of plywood - figured cutting for a variety of purposes, ranging from decorative plywood letters and boxes, production of plywood furniture and interior solutions such as gratings, openwork partitions, to utility solutions for warehouse storage, sports equipment parts, cutting plywood for boat building and yachts, casing elements, etc.

Plywood is a multilayer material consisting of glued veneer sheets that provides its strength. Fairly easy to process, fast to cut, of course, taking into account the thickness of the sheet, well suited for engraving. Compared to solid wood and chipboard, it has many advantages, such as strength, moisture resistance and high wear resistance (as well as an attractive price, which also caused a recent surge of interest in plywood furniture) The working area of our CNC machine corresponds to the size of a standard sheet of plywood of common brands - 2 .5*1.25 m.


CNC engraving

Laser and router engraving - applying inscriptions, patterns, drawings on the surface of various materials. Obtaining a relief texture is called 3d milling, it is used to create complex shapes, letters and inscriptions, to obtain three-dimensional reliefs and images.

We work with non-metals - plywood, wood, MDF, acrylics, plastics, polyethylene, fluoroplastic, polycarbonates, rubber, painted surfaces, acrylic stone, leather and more.

The 3D milling process itself goes through certain stages - first, 'rough’ processing, when massive layers of material are removed, perforating cuts are made, and a basic relief is formed. And after that finishing is carried out, when the workpiece is brought to the final appearance - here comes smoothness, small elements and precise details.

3d milling MDF, plywood, wood

MDF is applicable for milling wall panels, furniture facades, molding matrices, reliefs, door linings. Plywood and MDF can be milled for decorative tasks like interior elements, grills for radiators, partitions, engraved tablets, signs and much more.

Milling engraving on plywood and acrylic stone

Plywood is widely used in advertising and souvenir production, used for decorative purposes, packaging and for interior elements, plywood boxes with engraved logos, covers, coasters and tags, winter holiday souvenirs and toys, decorative panels and furniture fronts.

The cost of services is calculated specifically for the assignment, send layouts to the contact details, write and call, we will be happy to help. The minimum order for laser engraving is 500 UAH, for CNC milling - 800 UAH. excluding materials.
Drawings for the calculation are required in vector formats or 3d models, the parameters are described in more detail below.

Instructions for preparing a file for cnc cutting

  • Files in vector formats CDR, EPS, PDF, AI, DWG, DXF are suitable for work. It is preferable to save in earlier versions. When exporting from different editors, files may be distorted, it is important to check the final file.
  • The preferred scale is 1:1 (life size image). As an exception, the scale is indicated in the cover letter.
  • Closed vector objects are obligatory, all curves must be closed, without breaks.
  • Formation of images by the thickness of the curves (outline) is not allowed, all lines must be converted into objects. Thickness of the curves must be zero or ‘hairline’. All layout objects must not be filled.
  • Self-intersection of vector lines, duplication of objects, lines or points is not allowed.
  • The file must not contain any ‘foreign objects’ like colorless lines or accompanying texts (‘graphic garbage’).
  • All fonts or symbols must be converted to curved lines.
  • For router cutting, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of technological passage of the router bit: the minimum distance between the contours for the passage of the router bit must be 5 mm or more, depending on the layout and thickness of the material. 
  • Please check the layouts before sending carefully, the customer is responsible for errors in the original layouts. Cutting distortion can be up to 0.5 mm, depending on the complexity of the layout and the thickness of the material.
  • Raster formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and others are not suitable for work, raster images require additional conversion to vector (raster vectorization). A raster picture may provide visualization for the order and control of the accuracy of the task.
  • Send assignment to work email:   Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.  or telegram:

Depending on the type of material and the thickness of the sheet, we may offer additional adjustments to the layout, since plywood, MDF and acrylic behave differently when milled.

lazer fanera title thinLaser cutting and engraving

Laser cutting of sheet materials is non-contact cutting with a high level of accuracy and with a minimum width of the cut itself. Cutting on laser machines has several advantages:

  • cutting flexible, brittle and fragile materials with the necessary precision and without distortion due to the non-contact process
  • narrow laser cut, small overheating area virtually eliminates thermal deformation
  • non-contact laser cut gives a crisp edge without chips or lint
  • optimal layouts and finest details and patterns due to absence of mechanical force application to the material
  • cutting speed is significantly higher compared to other cutting methods for most materials 

Materials that can be laser processed are the following non-metals (!):

  • laser cutting of acrylic, plexiglass, plastics
  • laser cutting and engraving of wood and plywood,
  • laser cutting of cardboard, paper
  • laser cutting of fabric, felt, neoprene and other materials

Features of laser cutting:

  • Laser cutting of cardboard, plywood, wood, MDF, OSB leaves a characteristic dark edge.
  • Laser cutting of acrylic or plexiglass gives an even smooth sidewall of the same color as the sheet, a ‘glass’ cut in case of transparent materials, without the need  of further processing.
  • When cutting textiles, the laser seals the edges (felt, fleece and leather, etc.)
  • Before initiating production of a batch, we recommend making a test cut.

Unusual shapes of blanks, complex contours, easy change of layouts with adjustments, with alls this laser cutting provides greatest flexibility and manufacturability.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is applying an image on a surface using a focused laser beam. The engraving is stable, clear and can be performed on a variety of materials - acrylic, plastic, wood, plywood, leather, paper, metals, including painted surfaces or surfaces with a multi-layer coating. Laser engraving is used for manufacturing signs, signboards, plates, tags, nameplates, seals, etc.

Requirements for layouts for laser cutting and engraving:

  • Files for laser cutting must be submitted in vector format (DXF, CDR, EPS, PDF, AI,). Raster images of any format are suitable for engraving, and it is important to remember that the higher the resolution (dots per inch, dPI), the better the performance. For logos, vector will be more preferable. The optimal scale is 1:1 (life-size image). As an exception, the scale is indicated in the cover letter.
  • All symbols and text in vector files must be converted to curved lines.
  • Thickness of curves ‘zero’ or ‘hairline’.
  • The formation of images with thick curves should not be allowed. You should convert the line weights to an object (Menu Arrange/Convert outline to object).
  • It is necessary to move apart the merged and densely typed with small tracking characters of the text. The distance between the contours is at least 1 mm.
  • The file requires the original layout of the product in raster form in *.jpg or *.jpeg format
  • Layer overlapping is not allowed.
  • Working area size 1000 x 1600 mm
  • Send assignment to work email:  Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.  or telegram:

About Us

logoBaumwerk Workshop invites you to cooperate and offers services for CNC milling and engraving with numerical control and laser cutting and engraving. Curvilinear, shaped cutting, engraving and 3D milling, high cutting accuracy and high production speed. Cutting a wide range of sheet materials (non-metals).

In addition to milling cutting services, we produce plywood furniture and offer both individual and complex solutions for home, kindergarten, office, studio, hotel, garage, workshop, man-cave. We welcome ideas of functionality and minimalism and are constantly looking for interesting solutions. Calm style, simple and concise furniture geometry and the ability to adapt to a specific request.

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